A new 6-storey building is now rising beside the New Ward Building inside Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) in Cagayan de Oro City.

Based on NMMC’s indicative master plan as shown below, this building (Building F) will be the O.R. Complex.

Construction is now in full swing with structural steel frames now taking shape.

The dense section in the foreground is believed to be the elevator shaft.

Construction method is the same with the adjacent New Ward Building.

Based on the same indicative master plan, this new building will house several medical facilities like OB/Gyne E.R., Pharmacy, Records & Morgue, Operating Room Complex including Central Sterile Services Room (CSSR), OB-Gyne Wards, Pediatric Wards, Medical Wards and Private Rooms.

A huge crane hoist is utilized to put the steel frames in place.

You can observe more steel frames at the project site.

This photo below shows the southern section near the medical complex’s exit gate.

Meanwhile, a clearer rendering of the 6-storey New Ward Building is also observed onsite. This is the building seen along CM Recto Avenue.

New target date of completion is in May 2018 with 25% percentage completion as of June 2017. The information on the billboard is also confusing. If it’s the Ward Building, then it should be at least 70% completed. The project contract also includes renovation of the Emergency Room.

Nevertheless, the construction work itself signifies continuing development of NMMC.

See link below for the NMMC Indicative Master Plan

PROJECT WATCH: The NMMC Indicative Master Plan

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