You will definitely find space for your study time habits at the Librewry Café’s recently opened new site located along Pabayo and Tirso Neri Streets in Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City.

Still, the new site is the best place to read your favorite book, finish your report or even watch your favorite movies online with your laptop, tablet or any gadgetry.

Librewry Café is open 24 hours… if you wear pajamas starting 10pm, you’ll get one hour free pass.

Your favorite owl greets you with a stare once you enter…

Lower your volume if you hear the bell….

Guess what, the new site has a kitchen to serve your orders.

Just like any other opportunity…always maximize your stay!

…specialized café mugs are observed at the café.

The Librewry Café is a good quiet place to watch your favorite series without being disturbed … is that GOT?

By the way, the new Librewry Café has a function room … good for group studies, meetings and even discussions for some important matter.

Book galore….

Rate is P20 an hour…

For P20, you can study, review notes, memorize lines or even count the motorelas passing along Pabayo Street down below.

If you’re comfortable studying on the floor….

Of course, the standard cubicles are still there.

…and the circular cushion for comfort.

Owls are everywhere … by the way, they have lockers now.

Even the door has an owl…

The new Librewry Café is right above Papsy’s BBQ. Just look for the owl.

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