There are Good Samaritans that come into our lives in different forms. And then there are Good Samaritans that come into our lives for a special purpose.

This is a movie about two strangers who come into each other’s rescue. There are two stories in it rolled into one great romantic comedy that is definitely hard to forget.

Set in the present-day Sapporo-Shi in the Island of Hokkaido in Japan, two Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) intertwine lives one day in the most unusual ways. Lea (Alessandra de Rossi) was a tourist guide in this city for more than a decade. She was dealing hard with an unstable relationship with her Japanese boyfriend when she came to a point that she went into temporary blindness and thereon she was hearing a Filipino man calling her “Kabayan” in the neighborhood.

Kita-Kita, the Filipino term for “See you” or “I See You”, opens our eyes to a glimpse of hope for Filipino Movies that are nothing short of quality and stripped of commercialism. Carefully crafted to find spot-on the tickle of Filipino movie-goers, actors Alessandra De Rosi and Empoy Marquez are a perfect pair for a world-class Filipino rom-com.

Oh and lastly, this is a story about how you take care of your Good Samaritan.

Now grossing over P200 million in box-office receipts, Kita Kita is still showing at Ayala-Centrio Cinema 2!


Watch the official trailer below.

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