As if the current traffic situation in Cagayan de Oro is not yet enough, expect a monstrous traffic in Carmen and the downtown area next week as the Ysalina (Carmen) Bridge will be temporarily closed for a week-long “waterproofing work” by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

Ysalina Bridge has been undergoing major rehabilitation works since last month but the upcoming waterproofing work needs total closure of the bridge since it involves putting of a new layer or a waterproofing membrane on the bridge deck for more durability and longevity of the life of bridge.

In simple terms, the bridge deck will have a new layer on the surface as protection from water which over time seeps into the permeable bridge deck and result into corrosion of reinforcing steel which will further cause cracking and loss of section of the bridge structure.

Because of this, the city’s Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) has released a temporary traffic scheme for the period July 10-16, 2017 to address the issue. Shown below is the proposed traffic scheme.

INFLOW (GOING TO CITY PROPER): PUJs from the west passing through Carmen (Iponan, Patag, Bulua, RA-Kauswagan, RA-Bonbon, RA-Bayabas, R2) will enter the downtown area thru JR Borja Bridge after Carmen Market. They will turn right towards either Burgos or Capistrano then to City Hall and turn left along Gaerlan Street (Gaston Park).

Meanwhile, PUJs from the southwest (Lumbia, Macanhan-Balongis, Balulang, Zayas-Landfill, Silver Creek, Xavier Heights, Pueblo de Oro, Canitoan-Scions, Pagatpat, PN Roa-Calaanan, Gran Europa) will pass through Kagay-an Bridge then to Rodelsa Circle, to Fernandez Street towards Cogon.

OUTFLOW (GOING TO CARMEN FROM CITY PROPER): PUJS from Cogon going to Carmen (Patag-Apovel, Camp Evang., RB-Kauswagan, RB-Bonbon, RB-Bayabas, R1) will pass through JR Borja then turn left to either Capistrano or Rizal Street then to Gaston Park then to Rodelsa Circle then to Kagay-an Bridge and to Masterson Avenue and right to Vamenta Boulevard.

PUJs from the southwest will take the same route going to JR Borja then to Rodelsa Circle then Kagay-an Bridge.

The RTA will also implementing a NO PARKING POLICY along Vamenta Blvd., Burgos St., RN Abejuela St., Toribio Chaves St., Fernandez St. as well as Don Apolinar Velez St in the subject area.

Meanwhile, motorelas from Macanhan will not be allowed to enter a portion of Masterson Avenue as well as Vamenta Boulevard as shown. They will be re-routed either to Zayas or Acacia Street as shown below.

images from CIO

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