Two of the distinct structures at Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort at Barra, Opol are the Pirate Shipwreck and the Fuerte de San Agustin or “Fort San Agustin”.

The pirate shipwreck shown below is already done. The pirate ship is designed to be broken in half at the middle “after getting by a cannonball”.

If you’re not afraid of heights, you should try the hanging bridge on top of the shipwreck.

As the story goes, the cannonball that wrecked the pirate ship came from the cannon at Fuerte de San Agustin located right across the waterpark.

Ongoing interior works are progressing at Fuerte de San Agustin. It will also serve as a museum of artifacts and old photos.

Right at Fuerte de San Agustin’s entrance is the docking station for the Mighty Maui River Ride.

By the way, there’s a secret passage inside Fort San Agustin. You might wonder where it leads.

You can also see a tunnel moat (lower left).

Here’s a top view of the pirate shipwreck showing the “path of the cannonball”.

Keep posted for announcement of rates and opening date. Browse more on link below.

PHOTOS: Fuerte de San Agustin and the Pirate Shipwreck of Seven Seas Waterpark June 2017 Update

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