Two more exciting water slides are expected to thrill you with twists and turns and a big splash in the end.

The Escape Tunnel (blue and purple slide) is a fully enclosed tubular slide where riders experience twists and turns in complete darkness as they spiral into the landing pool.

The Pira-Chute (green slide) is an open chute spiral slide where the rider rotates at least twice before landing in a spray of water and foam.

This two slides are located at the Crow’s Nest CombiTower, which offers a 360 view of the resort and an overlooking view of Macajalar Bay, Barra beaches, the Cagayan de Oro Harbour, and Opol beach resorts.

As shown, this two slides are just beside the wave pool.

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PHOTOS: Escape Tunnel and Pira-Chute Slides of Seven Seas Waterpark June 2017 Update

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