At least once in your life, you had fun water splashing with your friends and family either at the beach, in the pool or even at home with water guns. When Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort opens next month, you’ll have the chance to play WATER WARS, the ultimate water balloon game.

Water Wars is played by two opposing teams on opposing battle stations with buckets of water balloons. The objective is to splash the water balloons on the opponent thru a launcher. The key is to have the correct angle and launching force so the water balloons can go through the slots and holes on the ‘battle stations’. The water balloons break upon impact splashing water on the opponents.

Here’s a closer look of your battle station. Gamers stand in the small station on the left. To hit your opponent, you need to launch the water balloons and clear the horizontal bar seen below.

As a basic rule, once you’re at the battle station, you should not avoid getting hit. Being wet adds fun and evading the water balloons will surely receive boos and catcalls from the audience. Water Wars is located right between the Boomerang Slide and the Pacific Racer.

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PHOTOS: Water Wars of Seven Seas Waterpark June 2017 Update


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