Motorists and travelers will soon avoid the winding roads of Sayre Highway in Mangima Canyon in Manolo Fortich town in Bukidnon when the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) completes the Mangima-Agusan Canyon Bypass Road which is currently under construction. Based on the DPWH Website, this new road will be 6.74 kilometers long.

Shown below is the map indicating the project route (as of June 2017) of the bypass road. Construction of the new road (in yellow) has already began from junction at Sayre Highway (upper right) and going southwest. Note that a bridge will be constructed crossing Mangima River. The winding Mangima roads is seen at the upper portion. Note that this new road leads to Del Monte’s pineapple plantation at lower left. The length from Sayre Highway to the edge of the pineapple plantation is roughly just 2 kilometers. This means the road project still has around 4.7 kilometers connecting to Agusan Canyon Proper which is located southwest of the Del Monte Airstrip. We still don’t know where this road project leads at this point but there are established roads within the plantation which could be developed into concrete roads. Or perhaps DPWH will be opening a new one.

Here are screenshots of the DPWN video of the bypass road project (as of April 2017)

The new bypass road is seen at left while Sayre Highway is seen at right. This is where the bypass road project starts.

Here’s an opposite view of the junction. Note route has been cleared (lower right).

The road makes a slight turn and goes further uphill as shown below. Mangima River is seen at right.

You can see the gap in the road project at the canyon. Clearing on the opposite site can be observed.


This is where the bridge component will be constructed.

Here’s a closer look of the road clearing on the opposite side. Just ahead at the top of the road is already the pineapple plantation.

Watch the video below taken in April 2017.

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