A scuba diver is asking for justice and is offering P10,000 to any information which could lead to the culprit who he thought was responsible for the death of a sea turtle he found floating off Sonrisa Vista Resort in Barangay Bayabas, Cagayan de Oro City.

As detailed by Ritchie Salloman in his Facebook account, he found the dead turtle early Sunday, June 11, floating some 20 meters from the shoreline with a large wound on the neck, a mangled face with both eyes gouged. Mr. Salloman said he has a fish sanctuary about 20 meters from the shoreline. The sea turtle is often seen in the fish sanctuary whenever he makes a dive and spends time with his friends. He said he spends about an hour under water just to wait for the appearance of this “sea friend” which he describes to be charming and playful … until last Sunday. Salloman is determined to put the culprit behind bars once identified.

Read his post below.

feature photo by Ritchie Salloman

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