While the Lim property in Lapasan hogged the headlines on the right-of-way issues concerning the Cagayan de Oro Coastal Road Project, a much more perennial concern lies ahead when the project starts constructing the section in Barangay Puntod.

As shown below, a portion of the Coastal Road project route has been cleared of structures as seen in the foreground.

This section crosses Valenzuela (Agora) Road and the two warehouses seen will likewise be affected. You can see in the horizon a densely populated community to be affected by the project. This will certainly create problems particularly on just compensation and relocation. At this stage, perhaps the DPWH already has a list of affected houses and families.

Here’s the reclaimed area in Lapasan which clearly blocks the project.

The property has been a subject of legal issues.

Also observed are new structures built along the newly constructed coastal road as shown below. Hopefully, these are just temporary. As experienced in previous government projects, these structures start small but once tolerated and unabated, these will multiply until the coastal road will not be “coastal” anymore.

As early as today, these structures should not have been allowed. If the project drags on, time will come these structures will populate even more and become another headache for the government.

With these problems, motorists and the public in general cannot really say when will the project finally serve its purpose. In the meantime, CM Recto Avenue will still absorb the volume of traffic for the next couple of years…

Keep posted.

screenshots from Project LUPAD video

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