Pizza and pasta chain Greenwich is giving away FREE PIZZA FOR 1 YEAR for the first 150 guests who will purchase two (2) Barkada Thick Hawaiian Overload Pizza on opening day of its latest pizzeria at SM CDO Downtown Premier on May 12.

The one year free pizza is actually one pizza per month. Those who would be lucky enough to avail of the treat would be given a Pizza Card similar to the one below. The rules are clearly explained below. The first stamp will be on May.

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By the way, 2 Barkada Thick Hawaiian Overload Pizza is worth Php 780. And in case you don’t eat pork, you can ask Greenwich crew to exchange the ham/pork in your pizza to Veggie and Cheese Overload.

The mall opens at 10:00am so bring your ‘barkada’ and enjoy Greenwich pizza.

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