Motorists in Cagayan de Oro are complaining about the increasing number of incidents involving street kids scratching vehicles stalled in traffic.

Photos below shared in social media (Top Gear CDO Facebook page) shows a group of minors approaching over a line cars stalled by traffic along CM Recto Avenue. They usually knock on car windows begging for money. The vandalism occurs when traffic starts to move and they scratch the car’s with some sharp objects usually bottle caps or nails as shown on the photo at right.

photos by Earl Ballesteros from Top Gear CDO

But this occurs not only in traffic but also for parked cars. Car owners often report damage by scratching of their parked cars. Worse, they also steal items from open car windows and/or at the back of a pickup truck.

The problem really is that these kids seem to be doing these acts unabated. Because they’re minors, they will not be detained but instead will be turned over to the City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) office. The CSWD is advising the public not to give alms to street children. But by not giving money, cars are often victims of scratching.

Rounding up street kids could be a good start but will become futile if these kids escape from the care of social workers and roam the streets again.

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