Elements of the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (COCPO) ended the nearly 12-hour hostage drama in Kalye Apiki, Zone 5, Barangay Bugo by successfully rescuing the 7-year old boy from the hostage taker, his father who is believed to be suffering from mental illness caused by drug use.

Based on a report by COCPO Police Community Relations Unit (PCRU), the incident began after the suspect, 31-year old Richard Roque, locked himself and his son inside his room and armed with a knife pointed at his son’s neck at around 2:00pm, Wednesday, April 12.

Police led by City Police Chief Senior Superintendent Robert Roy Bahian patiently negotiated with the suspect for several hours.

Information gathered that the suspect was so depressed after his wife left him last year for being too jealous and for physical abuse. He took hostage his son so that his wife might return to their house.

The hostage finally ended early Thursday at around 1:26am when an assault was finally ordered and Chief Inspector Ariel Philip Pontillas (shown below in white vest) entered the room, wrestled the knife from the suspect and rescued the boy who suffered a slight wound in the neck but is now out of danger.

photo by Cocpo Pcru

Watch the short clip below by Menzie Montes on the arrest of the suspect.

Read the COCPO PCRU report below.

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