Some people really never learn…or they don’t just care!!! In a recent Bitan-ag Creek clean-up operations by Cagayan de Oro’s Hapsay Sapa, some 22 truckloads of garbage were collected at the said creek specifically at Gaabucayan Bridge.

It is pretty obvious that people who live along the creek are the ones who throw garbage into the creek.

In yesterday’s cleanup, most of the 22 truckloads contained plastic bottles, cellophane, styrofoam, tarpaulin, tin cans, bulbs, and glass bottles among others – basically domestic wastes. A dog carcass and a tree branch were also recovered.

While the government cleans the creek, the stubborn people continue to throw the garbage.
And clogging of drainage canals resulting to flooding in the city are attributed to garbage…

It’s definitely time to relocate these informal dwellers.

photos by Ed Homes

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