A 20-foot giant oarfish, a large deep-sea elongated fish which is rarely seen, was found today near the coast of Villa Ernesto Subdivision in Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City. When found by local villagers, the fish was alive but injured.

The presence of this rare creature sparked superstitious beliefs among locals of an impending disaster or calamity. It can be recalled that a 10-foot dead oarfish was also found off Carmen town in Agusan del Norte, 2 days before a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Surigao City and Surigao del Norte.

In a Japan Times article dated March 6, 2010, Kiyoshi Wadatsumi, a specialist in ecological seismology, said that “Deep-sea fish living near the sea bottom are more sensitive to the movements of active faults than those near the surface of the sea.

But he added that “the deep-sea fish found in nets or on beaches did not seem to be directly connected with earthquakes.”

Browse over the photos below of the oarfish found off Cagayan de Oro.

photo by Jenny Elano
photo by GioJoe Amoguis
photo by Jude Cyril Roque Viernes

photo by Jude Cyril Roque Viernes
photo by Honey Lucille Q. Cui-Sanmillan


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