The asphalt laying project of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has finally reached the busiest thoroughfare in Cagayan  de Oro City.

The project began last December 2015 and is scheduled for completion in August this year. Read previous post HERE. The asphalt overlay project covers the whole stretch of the National Highway from Bugo to Iponan. As shown below, asphalt laying is now being implemented on the westbound lanes of CM Recto Avenue.

You can clearly see the asphalt layers on the left. Actually, work is done at night to avoid the traffic during the day.

Closer look shows the initial layer on the outer lane and a second layer on the inner lane.

Asphalt thickness will be 100 mm based on previous announcement.

Motorists especially those riding in bikes and motorcycles are advised to be extra careful in negotiating the road with new asphalt overlay particularly at night and in the event of rain due to the slippery conditions and uneven gaps of the road.

Drive safely.

  • Kagay-anong Emirati

    I think road widening (or the like) is much needed than adding these kind of stuff, it does not resolve the traffic in the city

  • Bomba Baki

    ka busy bas asphalt asphalt

  • hahayz

    please enlighten me why asphalt are only partial? kanang gap btaw pila na ka sakyanan akong na kita ma wad an ug control, accident waiting to happen gyud ni tanan project sa dpwh – Daghang Project Walay na Human.