We’ll be adding a new series in our lifestyle section this year – MOVIE WATCH. It will be a short review about movies showing in cinemas in Cagayan de Oro City as a guide for moviegoers. Here’s our first review.


Mystery. That is the ultimate single thing required for a film to get a hoard of movie goers even sans the high-cost effects. And as for Christian Grey, an heir to an empire of multi-billion business, mystery in plain sight sets him apart from other protagonists that we have read on novels or seen on the big screen. Anastacia Steele, an aspiring fiction editor, is here to uncover that mystery right before our eyes!

You see, this series is more than just tickling your imagination and what… five senses?

The train of mystery and revelations just intensifies as we go deeper into its plot. There must be more to that red room, those pair of silk and satins and… toys! (You know). Anastacia braves herself in taking a huge risk to pry open Christian Grey’s darker side. See for yourself!

Now showing at Centrio Cinema 2!

DECISION: 7 STARS out of 10 (due to adult-oriented theme)

Watch the trailer below

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