With an aim to “promote the accelerated growth and professional development of the construction industry”, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) along with its attached agency – the Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP) –  inform all contractors to submit their renewal applications according to the set schedule of submission.

The Philippine Contractor’s Accreditation Board (PCAB) started the renewal of contractors’ licenses on January 3. For February and the succeeding months, PCAB has also released and designated schedules for renewal applications.

The dates are set according to the last digit of the contractors’ license numbers.  Contractors with zero as the last digit of their licenses shall submit requirements within February 1 to 14. Meanwhile, other contractors whose license numbers end with other digits shall follow these schedules:


Last Digit of License Number Filing Dates
0 February 1 to 14
1 February 15 to 28
2 March 1 to 15
3 March 16 to 31
4 April 1 to 15
5 April 16 to 30
6 May 1 to 15
7 May 16 to 31
8 and new license approved from January to March June 1 to 15
9 and new license approved from April to June June 16 to 30


Contractors who fail to submit their renewal applications within the set schedule of submission shall pay an Additional Processing Fee (APF) of Php 5,000. If contractors opt to submit beyond the end of the filing period (June 30), they will be required to pay an Additional License Fee (ALF) which amounts to Php 10,000. These fees will be charged on top of the existing regular fees for each licensing category.

Meanwhile, those who wish to renew their licenses may also preview, download and print all of the required forms from this LINK.

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