Perhaps you may have already read in social media about an alleged memo regarding an Abu Sayyaf threat on SM. Well, don’t forward or spread it because according to the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the management of SM Supermalls, the said memo is a HOAX.

There are different versions of the memo which has been circulated online but with basically the same content on an alleged information from an SM Officer. Both the police signatories and SM have denied giving such memo and information, respectively.


Read official statement below.

The information being re-circulated has been verified to be a hoax thru a joint investigation of our company and the local PNP in several areas. Moreover, the said information did not come from any SM Officer.

We continue to stay alert and committed to the security and well-being of customers, tenants and employees at all times.

However, still the PNP is not taking the information for granted and are maintaining their full alert status maximizing presence in public places incuding malls.

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