The Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) is now finalizing a new traffic scheme around Carmen Public Market which would affect jeepneys and other public utility vehicles.

This information was gathered during a recent City Council Committee Meeting presided by Hon. Romeo Calizo and attended by RTA personnel and representatives of public transport groups in the city.

Accordingly, part of the proposal is to regulate the parking hinterland-bound jeepneys and trucks around the market. Sooner it will be transferred to the Westbound Terminal in Bulua. The RTA is also planning to impose a strictly ‘no parking’ policy around the market. New traffic signs are already placed around the market in preparation of the new traffic scheme.

Meanwhile, trisikads plying along Villarin and Serina Streets in Carmen will soon be removed as these are often the subject of complaints from motorists.

More details from Gold Star Daily (LINK)

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