The moth-balled Cagayan de Oro International Convention Center was intended to be a suitable venue for major gatherings like conventions, summits and sporting events. But nearly 20 years after the start of its construction, the facility remains to be unfinished and has become a white elephant.

Located atop a hill in Taguanao, Barangay Indahag, the facility’s main structure including the exterior glass panel was completed years back but the interior furnishings, basic utilities, the landscape areas, the surrounding parking area and several other components are still lacking. As many would say, the multi-million (it’s now over a billion) worth of taxpayers’ money gone to waste.

To date, it now has become a favorite meeting place for outdoor enthusiasts with its overlooking view of the city by the river. Watch the latest aerial clip by Project LUPAD below.

Will the government save the project? Keep posted.

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