Cagayan de Oro pride Francis Casey Alcantara is now ranked 875th in the world becoming the Philippines’ top tennis player based on the latest rankings by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for the 2017 tennis season.

Alcantara is a doubles specialist ranking 453rd in the world but due to his performance in recent singles tournaments, his ranking in the singles charts improved. The ATP is the governing body of the men’s professional tennis circuits.

See ATP ranking data below.


  • Will

    Payason ni sya.

  • Qc guy

    Sadly but true,kapayAson jud ni sya,na batchmate nku sa xugs dati pero you can feel the air coming.anyway best of luck nalng

  • john

    SOAR HIGHER, Francis Casey! Make CDO prouder……I am sure, your late Dad Francis, your namesake, is very very proud of you……!!!!!