There’s a new dining spot in Cagayan de Oro that’s slowly gaining a bunch of loyal patrons who prefer healthy food. KRUNCH is located at the corner of Tiano Bros. and Macahambus Streets in the downtown area just beside Demiren Hotel.

The new Krunch diner opened in late October last year. It’s actually an upgrade of its much smaller inaugural site along Vamenta Boulevard in Carmen right across Shell Station which opened early 2016. And even now, with increased patronage, the owners are already contemplating on a much bigger space.

Krunch is owned by couple Mwenge and Gen Ng’ona who met in Cebu while attending college. Mwenge is a Zambian national and finished his medical studies at Southwestern University in Cebu. He is fluent in both English and Cebuano. He also calls himself a biological scientist and a brand architect.

The couple then decided to stay in Cagayan de Oro and after due research and market study, they finally came up with KRUNCH – termed after the sound of eating raw vegetable. Krunch menu is full of healthy and hearty food including its best seller – the SIGNATURE VEGETARIAN BURGER.

They also have protein platters good for a small group of 2-3 persons. The original Krunch Chicken Pops is a best-seller.

If you like sizzling food, they also have the following.

In case you’re into pasta, Krunch also have it.

And Krunch also offers unli rice specials…

And of course, their juices and smoothies are carefully blended.

And the couple is further planning ahead – thinking of a function room where they can provide learning sessions for interested participants on eating healthy food. Guess what, Krunch also offers deliveries. Just contact 09355646151.

They also sell books and charcoal coffee…

…a saying printed on one wall inside Krunch – definitety true.

The place is cozy and good for a healthy meal and perhaps business and even romantic conversations.

It’s also fully air-conditioned, a good shelter from the heat.

It’s also accessible with public transport available.

Krunch is open from 8AM to 10PM Monday to Thursday; 8AM to 5PM on Friday; closed on Saturday; and 11AM to 10PM on Sunday.

At Krunch, you eat healthy…

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