RANDOM SHOTS: Traslacion 2017 in Cagayan de Oro

Thousands of devotees attended this year’s Traslacion, the annual procession celebrating the Feast of the Black Nazarene in Cagayan de Oro City.

Observers say the crowd was significantly smaller as compared to last year (LINK) due mainly to a weather disturbance. Police estimate some 20,000 joined the procession. Shown below is the start of the procession along Don A. Velez Street.

Umbrellas were aplenty as light rain poured in the early hours.

The skies somewhat cleared as the day progressed and the procession moved towards CM Recto Avenue.

Some 800 uniformed and plaint clothes personnel provided ample security during the religious event.

And the arrival at Nazareno Church…

Cagayan de Oro holds the largest Traslacion outside Quiapo Church in Manila.

photos by Kim Zaldivar and COCPO Stasyon Uno

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  1. Bong says:

    Maayong Fiesta Sr Jesus Nazareno

  2. Will says:

    pit senyor!

  3. God bless your heart 💝

  4. Tootz says:

    Praise to you O Jesus Nazareno

  5. Badu says:

    hala naa diay franching sa translacion????pasabta ko behh. kay magfrnachse sad kos among lugar

  6. Badu says:

    i mean franchise

  7. Jim says:

    That kind of security must be imposed in manila… very orderly and peaceful… Congrats to the organizers😀

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