There were no organized fireworks display but Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines welcomed the New Year 2017 with the usual traditional individual fireworks.

Watch Project LUPAD’s aerial view of the city during the welcoming of the new year below.

  • mitchill mende

    It’s about time to have one organized fireworks display for all Cagay-anon’s . We should follow just like other countries like Thailand who have a designated place for people to watch this without being hurt.No more stray bullets hitting innocent lives. It brings order instead of chaos.

    • Kurt

      I agree with you. Since CDO is a coastal urban area, it could very well take advantage of this terrain to launch a choreographed fireworks display that will culminate in Ysalina Bridge or Paseo del Rio bridge.

    • Dodong Junjun

      CDO itself, not including those adjacent suburban areas, is fast approaching the million mark and we need to set an example that this city is becoming more and more important, economy and population wise. The city government should organize at least one fireworks display in a strategic location to showcase CDO for the whole Philippines to see.

  • vmgabor@yahoo.coom

    Tha nk you Lupad for a great viewing

  • Micks Inkz

    Awesome video!

  • Chris

    were did you guys mounted your camera? its awesome..

    • Gene Eric

      From Project Lupad’s drone. Hapeee new yeeeeaaar!!!

  • Gene Eric

    “CDO to see fast property sector growth in 2017” URL:

  • BombShell

    A+ amazing…bitin bes