Pryce Plaza officially closes


photo by Michael Jun Quintas

Pryce Plaza, the iconic historic hotel nestled atop a hill overlooking Cagayan de Oro City officially closed at 10:00AM today, December 31, 2016.

The 81-room hotel was previously known as Vista Hermosa and then Hotel Alta Tierra until Pryce Corporation bought it in 1991.

Rumors are circulating that a large company is negotiating for the hotel which has the majestic view of the city and the bay. Hotel staff are mum about the future of the hotel and the last hotel guest checked out today.

With its strategic location, it is a magnet among investors. Keep posted.


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  1. Zack the boss says:

    I actually had a chance to meet the owner of Pryce Plaza Hotel at a dinner. He said that either Shangri La or Resorts World is very keen in buying the hotel.

    • Gigi says:

      I hope they will retain the structure and rennovate and expand it. I also love seeing shangri la or resorts world cdo replacing the giant prycegas signage.

  2. Kurt says:

    Rumors are persistent that Shangrila is taking over. I guess nobody wants to waste the chance of owning a property with a commanding view of Cagayan de Oro. The city also needs to increase its inventory of rooms and MICE facilities to make it more competitive

  3. Michael Acenas says:

    The saying true: “walang forever”

  4. a great idea is to turn it into a hotel and casino to draw more people to stay in it since there is so many new hotels in the area .. we missed the fireworks also

  5. Caite101 says:

    My friend Raphael Escano (the COO) told me that Ayala has bought the property for a well-deserved whooping price. There goes ayala again. 🙂

  6. Gerard Feeney says:

    Shame on the people who closed this charming, fine hotel!!!

    • RFM says:

      Pryce group has no expertise on hotel business. Not necessarily permanently closed but temporarily closed and we will wait for the new management to take over.

  7. john says:

    So who is going to buy and operate the hotel? Shang, Resorts World or Ayala?

    Whichever of these 3 big-time operators would be fine…..

  8. Leo Tero says:

    Irenovate na unta ni 😊

  9. kidd villa-pal says:

    The steps at the lobby are too steep. If retained, it must be restructured to become 4 inches in height and 13 inches landing in order to be a User Friendly stairs. This is a frequent comment of many people who have been to the hotel and do not prefer to take the steps and rather take the inclined walkWay located at the side of the hotel lobby.

  10. AmieF says:

    We were one of the last guests.. We checked out at 11 am, Dec 31 (my son’s bday)..

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