Cagayan de Oro City’s Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) is planning to expand the coverage of the city’s Truck Ban with more areas and to include noon time.

Shown below is Section 97 of City Ordinance No. 10551-2007 (Traffic Code of the City of Cagayan de Oro) specifically indicating the areas and time of the Truck Ban.


Note the different time of the truck ban at Puerto Market. Accordingly, Section 97 needs to be amended by the City Council with the increase in number of delivery trucks entering the city and the opening of new roads. The truck ban has caused traffic in Agora – Gaabucayan – Julio Pacana up to Coastal Highway – areas not included in the truck ban.

Further, the ongoing large drainage project near Agora (Valenzuela Avenue) will aggravate the city’s traffic woes with a traffic scheme diverting vehicular flow as well as the opening of SM CDO2 Premier next year.

The plan to amend the Truck Ban Ordinance is among RTA’s proposal in its new traffic management plan to be submitted to the City Council. Also included is a multi-storey parking building to solve illegal parking in the city.

Read more details in SunStar CDO article HERE.

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