New Indoor Go Kart Center to open in CDO soon


photo from K1 Speed

Are you fond of racing? Or would like to have fun with the thrills and excitement in driving a go kart? A new indoor go kart center is set to open soon in Cagayan de Oro City.

F1 Go Karts will be the second facility of its kind in the city but the first to use electric cars which are much quieter and good for the environment. The go karts are also easier to handle and faster. The Speed Master Go Kart Race Track at SM City Carpark Building was the first race track in the city and in Mindanao (LINK). But this upcoming facility is more accessible (located in the downtown area) – specific location will be disclosed soon. And guess what – it will feature tournaments. Yes, it’s a real race.


To give you an idea, here’s a similar F1 go kart race featuring electric cars.

F1 Go Kart is set to open early next year. Keep posted. Visit its Facebook page HERE.


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  1. Hi says:

    Oh this is cool but i havnt tried go kart in sm and driving one but i already tried the luge in dahilayan its super duper awesome makes me proud of my hometown to have another one

  2. Chard Uy says:

    Wow! I wanna ride too! Broom broom!

  3. shairah mae says:

    I wanna know where can we find this new indoor go kart racing in cdo? And do you have a membership and program for the upcoming. Events? Thank you

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