DPWH starts work on Kauswagan-Bayabas Junction

More than two months after we posted the worsening road condition (LINK) at Kauswagan-Bayabas Junction in Cagayan de Oro City, the DPWH has finally started working on rehabilitating the road section.

As shown, the eastbound outer lane of the damaged road has just been concreted. The work actually started a day earlier with paving works done overtime.


Before the concreting, the entire section of the severely damaged road was earthfilled making it more manageable for motorists.


The road work was also confirmed by a DPWH personnel interviewed on TV during a recent episode of ABS-CBN’s Pamahaw Espesyal.


The junction has been experiencing heavy traffic during rush hours which caused the old road section to deteriorate.

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  1. ambot says:

    karon pako dpwh diay ang responsible ana?wow ang office nila sa bulua kung moadto ka magarang murag jolibee building tapos sa sulod wow complete landscaping basta very nice kaayo ang building nila so huge ang area tapos airconditiong ang offices.pero ang project??????????????????kamo nay sumpay

  2. J_D says:

    nahhhhhhhhhhh ambot lang….

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