RANDOM SHOTS: Supermoon over Cagayan de Oro


As night fell and the full moon started to rise yesterday, thousands of netizens began to post and share in social media their photos of the supermoon, which is the first since 1948. In fact, the astronomical event on November 14, 2016 was witnessed by humanity from around the globe.

In Cagayan de Oro City, many residents started taking pictures of the moon as the night progressed. The skies were generally clear with some patches of low-lying cumulus clouds. Nevertheless, the moon was so bright it illuminated the hopes of many … for a few hours, at least. This drone shot shown above taken by Raphy Arcaina shows the city from Lapasan to Bugo across the bay with the supermoon shining above.

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  1. Xien says:

    Very Awesome!!!!!!!

  2. The Loop says:

    such masterpiece!

  3. Random shots….


    with an S.

    Asa ang uban?

  4. Grahame says:

    Great pic

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