SC allows Marcos Burial at Libingan ng mga Bayani


Former president Ferdinand Marcos will be finally buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. This after the Supreme Court, voting 9-5 with one inhibition, rejected petitions that sought to stop it.

More details in Patty Pasion’s article at HERE.

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  1. Pro-Filipino says:

    I am not pro-Marcos, but I believe the Philippine Constitution is clear on what it has been declared. He may not be the hero like our heroes who fought for the freedom of our country, but he has served and helped the country to the best of his ability, as far as possible. To the victims of the unwanted, unforgettable past, I can say you are the heroes.

    We are not to judge our fellow human, there is a Greater Judge who will judge him and not him only but all of us in the fullness of time.

    • Dongkoy says:

      sure ko college student raka na feelingon! murag naka agi kag Martial Law ha? saba diha ilubong taka uban ni Marcos!

      • Pro-Filipino says:

        And how about you Dongkoy? Were you there in Martial Law days? You can speak up for your right if you are one of the victim. My deep sympathy to your lost loved ones if you have any and to you if you were there that time.

        • Dongkoy says:

          wala man ko atong Martial Law days. Daghan kaau evidence sa plunder, Human Rights abuse and corruption during Martial Law.

          • Pro-Filipino says:

            Yes, agree. But can we blame the Supreme Court and the laws and regulations right now? They have even looked into AFP’s laws and regulation as well. I believe they have studied everything meticulously durin his (Marcos) administration has done before coming up with the final voted decision. And no president has touched this issue until the current admin. And see there are justices who still didn’t agree (and some of us) but majority of them (being in the Supreme court) has found the former president allowed to be buried in LNMB.

  2. Super Bisdak says:

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