VIDEO WATCH: Early morning drive from Gusa to NHA-Kauswagan

Wanna know what’s it like driving in Cagayan de Oro City in the early morning? Traffic-free and hassle-free…

Here’s a DashCam YouTube video by Top5006 showing the scenery from Gusa to NHA Kauswagan as the driver starts cruising along CM Recto Avenue (National Highway) at 5:15am. Watch it below.

..and it took just 7 minutes to reach NHA Kauswagan Junction.

NOTE: The driver was on his way to Bulua

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  1. DOODS says:


  2. Jiro says:

    hehe., he didn’t reach Bulua ..peace bruh! haha

    anyway, hope those two lane roads will be used for cars running, not making it as parking space..CdeO RTA, hope you have noticed this… time for change.. :)))

  3. Fair Price says:

    Taga gusa d i ka admin? Lami ang RM diha nila ladao. Hehe

  4. Alas says:

    I hope that the big trucks parking along the gusa highway will be prohibited to park in the area.

  5. sjcam4000 says:

    try gani byahe ug or 5:00 pm

  6. j_D says:

    Nice vid. admin

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