Pryce Plaza to close by year-end

photo by GioJoe Amoguis

Pryce Plaza Hotel, one of Cagayan de Oro City’s oldest and the only hotel with a commanding view of the city and the bay will be closing its doors by year end. This was disclosed by Pryce Plaza Hotel Press Office Head Lucille Jamero.

The 81-room hotel was formerly named Villa Hermosa and later as Hotel Alta Tierra before Pryce Corporation took over the management and renamed it Pryce Plaza in 1991. There are rumors that a new management will take over the hotel’s operations but this is not yet confirmed.

Details in Pamela Jay Orias’ article at SunStar CDO HERE.

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  1. Antonia Cadeliña says:

    it’s not Pryce Plaza Hotel it’s PryceGas according to the signage on top no wonder its a jinx since then 😬

    • Joseph Sepjo says:

      They’re also the owner of Pryce Gas (a liquified Petroleum gas) if you’re not from CDO you’ll not know it

      • manchester cathedral says:

        May ponto si Antonia kung dili ka taga CDO mo check in di ay ka nga Pryce Gas may nakabutang? Gawas siguro kung naay mag suggest for info.

  2. Mike Farrell says:

    Does anyone besides me remember that Pryce Plaza was going to be a gambling casino? In 1995 the main ballroom was equipped with blackjack, roulette, and craps tables. slot machines, and some Chinese games I couldn’t identify. When I visited there, the dealers were all on site, but customers were not allowed to enter, pending final approval of the proper permits. Approval was never given, ad the casino never opened.

  3. Jelchrise says:

    Pryce plaza hotel CDO is good name on top hill hotel view in the city please don’t change

  4. Rumors says:

    Rumors: a brown xavier will buy this and turn it into a commercial complex with residential and hotel and many more

  5. injunred2015 says:

    This used to be the old Alta Tierra back in the 70s, run by some of the most-illustrious names of the city. The rumor that it was secretly converted into a gambling casino is SIMPLY NOT TRUE, and irresponsible, to say the least.

    • LumadSaCDO says:

      It wasn’t a secret plan… The plan just didn’t push thru… It was all set and ready to go … The CDO residents rallied… I knew this as I remembered it so well… I was very young then…

      • injunred2015 says:

        It became a rumor only because no one was allowed to enter, pending approval of a city permit. The religious and civic groups rallied, and the plan abandoned. Credit belongs to them and to the great people of this city. Let’s not quibble over the details. The important thing is it didn’t get to be a gambling casino, reflecting the values of its residents.

  6. Gene Eric says:

    Pryce Plaza Hotel becomes fully booked when a storm threatens the city; everybody wants to get to higher ground. And when Lumbia Airport was still open; passengers of cancelled flights get booked here.

  7. Madam Chu says:

    huwag maging sad at mag wori madlang people dahil i Madam Chu, the pretty fairy godmother will buy and take over the building at gawing grandest, beautifulest, pretiness of all beauty parlor in the whole wide universe!

  8. Dodi says:

    I think the ones who will take over, if ever, should do a total makeover of the place. Remove that stupid sign, makeover includes advertising and new staff which can manage it correctly.

  9. KoolAidKid says:

    Shangri-la was rumored to by this place. good for the people of CDO. 😀

  10. Gerard Feeney says:

    Such a shame if Pryce Plaza closes! I truly hope it’ll be renovated, renewed and given a new lease of life. Having come from Ireland, I stayed there several times. I loved it and found the staff very helpful. Don’t close PP!!!

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