Construction workers find human bone fragments, old beer bottles beneath lawyer’s office



Human bone fragments, a frayed leather belt and two broken beer bottles were dug up after workers accidentally found them while doing the foundation works for Cagayan de Oro lawyer James Judith’s office located along Hayes Street.

One of the beer bottles had the embossed print: Dai Nippon Brewery Ltd. and the other R & Co. 15. After googling, it was found out that Dai-Nippon Beer Company, Ltd is a Japanese brewery founded in 1906 until 1949 which split into two Nippon and Asahi breweries. R & Co. on the other hand refers to Reed & Company, an American glass bottle factory. It’s a popular collector’s item being sold on eBay. (LINK)

Read Atty. Judith’s story at Gold Star Daily HERE.

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  1. Ayjayar says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Atty!… My own “Kalag-kalag story:” The street referred to used to be Dolores Street (or, ‘Street of Sorrow’) in those days when we had our high school classrooms at Lucas Hall in the mid-60s. During our Religion classes, the familiar strains of ‘Ave Maria’ would waft in, (appropriately), I think.

  2. injunred2015 says:

    A “Kalag-Kalag Story:” The street referred to by Atty Judith as “hallowed ground” was formerly Dolores Street (or Street of Sorrows), for countless funerals passed thru it on the way to the old cemetery. We had our 60s high school classrooms then, beside the road, on Lucas Hall, and heard the familiar ‘Ave Maria’ strains during our religion classes (very appropriate)…. and thank you for sharing!

  3. James Judith says:

    Yes injunred.You are much welcome.Am just intrigued about the finds and I feel compelled to share it for the benefit of those interested.Indeed Hayes street where my law office is,along with Lucas Hall of Xavier,the old city cemetery and the hall of justice,is a historical triangle or corridor.Hence,I am indeed on hallowed grounds.

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