Mindanao Railway Project to cut CDO-Davao travel time to 2 hours


The Duterte Administration is pushing for a massive infrastructure spending to develop the countryside and one of its priority projects is the Mindanao Railway.

When completed and realized, travel time between Cagayan de Oro and Davao will be reduced to a mere 2 hours. Current travel time averages 6 hours. The project is also intended the fast and cheap transport of goods from north to south and vice-versa.

According to Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade, President Rodrigo Duterte is hopeful that even the 200KM phase 1 of Mindanao Railway Project would be completed.

photo by Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines)

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  1. dory says:

    good plan…. we will be easy to go back and fort from cdo to davao.

  2. Ok lang nice siya nga ok lang para sa ako ok lng jud siya.

  3. Noynoy says:

    Lam lam ra man nia uy… Kadugay na kaayo nia nga concepto..

  4. Grahame says:

    Is this Mindanao railway going to pay it’s way? Is it going to be profitable? No evidence of a cost benefit study yet.

  5. Marmagz says:

    aha ni mooagi sa bukidnon

  6. @MP says:

    klaro gyud ni nga sa malaybalay ug valencia ni agi kay 200 kms man..ayos

  7. martin says:

    This is impractical.mindanao is not ripe enough to have an infrastructure like this.i coudnt see for both governmnt and private investors such profit gain.mas ok sa ako kung ang cebu ila unahon.

  8. Bar says:

    paki delete po ng article na ito…
    kasi magagalit ang mga yellowtards nito… mag sisimula na naman ang gulo dito…
    bawal kasi ipahayag ang balitang ito….
    please po, paki delete…

  9. Peter says:

    Few if any railways ever “pay their way” Railway is something a government backs to develop a nation

  10. Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says:

    daming tanga mag-isip sa world. wag nlng patulan.

  11. kagay-anon says:

    A great project to be implemented by the Duterte administration. This will make a closer link between 2 major cities in Mindanao. This island needs to be develop to its full potential. No need to halt this project just to give way to other cities in the Visayas and Luzon who were given priority projects during several past administrations. Cebu can have its own. It’s time for Cagayan de Oro , Davao and the rest of Mindanao to shine. MinadanaONE!

  12. Ambot says:

    Wow kanindot ani.i love you president degong.

  13. junskie says:

    Tatay Digong ikaw na biyaya ka talaga sa amin lalo na sa mga taga mindanao …More power to you and God
    bless your plan always..

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