VIDEO WATCH: Hugo Skye Lounge as of November 2016

Have you gone to Hugo Skye Lounge yet? The bar which overlooks the southwestern section of the city is part of a much larger development called Sierra del Oro. Located in Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City, the progress is evident with nature, leisure and adventure all in one place.

Project LUPAD recently dropped by to see its progress. Watch its aerial tour below.

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  1. Mike Farrell says:

    How does this compare/compete with the Cove Garden Resort and the BlueView Resort in El Salvador?

  2. Moreno says:

    Point to ponder, the location is southern part not western… Basic geography admin….

  3. nen pacamo says:


  4. ljbaculiojamoroltcusalme says:

    Wow proud cagayanoes,just an hour from our home

  5. ambot says:

    naunsa maypa kanang ibabaw sa gusa maoy magbuhat og ingon ana kay sure ko walay makalupig sa view .pagmakita gani ang dagat wala nay makalabaw sa view plus ang syudad nga view during day and night.

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