RANDOM SHOTS: Unique Ray of Light on October 31, 2016

On a road trip back to Cagayan de Oro City, at around 5:00pm October 31, 2016, a unique lighting display appeared on the eastern sky.

It was dusk and dark clouds have started to blanket the province. But amid the clouds appeared a distant light with its rays clearly visible as shown in the following series of photos.




Because of the darkened surroundings, the light appeared distinct and clearly stood out.


This is along El Salvador City.



What’s odd is that the sun was supposed to be setting in the west. The photos are looking east.




Many residents and motorists witnessed this. Have you?

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  1. joel says:

    its posts like these that makes you think that there aren’t enough news happening around cdo. nothing new or worthwhile.

  2. Joel bayot says:

    Bastos lagi nia sya!!! Basin nasayop kag suyop nyoy….dili lang man nia mga balita sa cdo developments gud mga nahitabo ug mahitabo ug mga uban pang tsada ug pangit nga panan.awon sa syudad be it natural or man made creations…..#vulcaseal pa more…hahahahaa kung gusto kag balita abs cbn or bombi radyo kana

  3. vince says:

    caused by illuminati

  4. Dongkoy says:

    the end is near!

  5. CIA says:

    HAARP, Weather warfare is coming….

  6. Mor says:

    Hi. If you happened to u check my fb, i did take pictures,like these, last monday, nalingaw mi og tan aw.

  7. Gene Eric says:

    For me, most likely this is a plane landing at Laguindingan coming in from the East.

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