There are a lot of Lechon Manok (Grilled Chicken) outlets in Cagayan de Oro City and they have been part of an existing dietary option of the city’s fast-paced lifestyle. People after work tend to buy readily cooked meals, grilled chicken or grilled pork belly (liempo) rather than cook dinner at home.

Enter TAKOY’S BISAYA LECHON MANOK – a new addition to the list of grilled chicken take-out stalls in the city. Located along a jeepney stop at Tiano-Gaerlan Streets just across Gaston Park, the site is just ideal for those who opt to buy grilled food before heading home. Opened last Monday, October 24, Takoy’s differs from other ‘lechon manok’ outlets because they offer Manok Bisaya (native chicken) instead of the common broiler chicken extensively used in the grilling business.

In contrast, Manok Bisaya (see frozen meat below) is smaller than broiler chickens but are much tastier.


A whole grilled native chicken weighs around 700-800 grams.


And of course, it’s more expensive at P240.


But still, everyone knows the taste really differs…and Manok Bisaya always wins!


Drop by at Takoy’s and try its tasty grilled native chicken…!!!

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