Construction work observed at the former Roket Theater

ROKET THEATER, one of Cagayan de Oro City’s old landmarks in the stand-alone movie house era three decades ago is now undergoing major reconstruction.

Initial work was actually observed a couple of months ago but not until lately that construction work has hastened reaching the section near the front area. There are rumors but will wait for further information and official announcement relative to the construction work.


The movie house’s unique exterior architecture was very much evident. Its name is actually a combination of ROsario and limKETkai, the owners.


Its “twin” cinema, the former KAIRO Theater is now Savemore Capistrano.

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  1. Gene Eric says:

    Taodtaod napod na sila hinay hinay lang nga trabaho.

  2. alam na (dont delete me!) says:

    mao ba?

  3. Davarkags says:

    unsa kaha ibutang diri? looking forward to it.

  4. tambok says:

    7/11 raman ni oy.

  5. aye-aye says:

    bag.o ni nga beauty parlor ni madam chu

  6. jack says:

    7/11’s site will be at R.N. Abejuela st., beside dynamic pharmacy. Dig a massive research first 😀

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