H&M opens in Cagayan de Oro


photo by CIO

H&M or Hennes & Mauritz Inc., the Swedish fashion retailer which is one of the largest in the world formally opened its 18th store in the country today at Centrio Mall in Cagayan de Oro City.

Shoppers began to line up hours before the grand opening eager to shop in the latest fashion retail store to open in the city. Discounts, gift cards and other freebies were given to the early shoppers.


photo by CIO

And finally the public opening…


photo by Centrio Mall


photo by Centrio Mall


photo by Centrio Mall

Browse over photos below.


photo by CIO


photo by CIO


photo by CIO


photo by CIO


photo by CIO


photo by CIO


photo by CIO


photo by CIO


photo by CIO


photo by CIO


photo by CIO


photo by CIO


photo by CIO

Drop by H&M…

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  1. alam na (dont delete me!) says:

    maypa mag ororama

  2. Mr. Practicality says:

    I highly doubt a lot of the people in cdo can afford to buy H&M. The majority of the population will still go find a cheaper alternative to buy clothing.

    • sideeyow says:

      But I highly doubt pud if taga cdo ra jud pud ang mamalit dha.. hehehe 🙂

    • Bubot says:

      Agree….im working in a company here in uae which franchises H and M here… And actually the prices here are different from there… 30 dhs here i can buy but 300 in pesos….i cant…

  3. Inday says:

    Tipid ta karon… Bahala mo Diha Okay2x Rako…. hehe

  4. Gene Eric says:

    Window shopping lang.

  5. Pepito says:

    Walay symbol2 ang CDO branch? Like hanger in ACC and Sunglass in Abreeza.

    • alam na (dont delete me!) says:

      naa man symbol… pilion pa kung kini: 凸( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)凸 or (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

  6. Xien says:

    Guys! chill lang!! there’s no harm treating your self a reward at least once nor twice in your life. Its not all about the price tag though, but its the feeling deep within. oh divahhhhhhh! di mag ininot ba.. e gasto na imong sapi para sa ekonomiya.. Economics 101: supply and demand.. hmppp..

  7. Agogoy says:

    Manggawas na pod mga social climber ani.

  8. 02 says:

    By the way, dili lang H&M ang nag open sa Centrio gahapon. Nag open pud ang South Shores sa second floor ug Bench/Depot sa g/f beside Guess. Under Armour ilang product, ge test nila ang cdo market kay if successful i change cya into Under Armour store.

  9. Boom!!! says:

    Mga kontrabida! Pila daay tao sa Cagayn de Oro? 100 ra? Or 1000?! Dili jud ka afford?! Pag sure mo oi!

  10. BigOnejohn says:

    Compare the price points of penshoppe, bench, cotton on and etc, to H&M. mas barato siya, its not kat2x to buy products from this store. perception ra na sa yano na tao,

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