RANDOM SHOTS: Don Gregorio Pelaéz Sports Complex today

The Don Gregorio Pelaéz Sports Complex located at the heart of Cagayan de Oro City is considered to be the largest in Mindanao.

Built in 1969, the sports complex hosted the first Palarong Pambansa outside Metro Manila in 1975. It also hosted the same annual sporting event in 1977, 1978 and 1988. After nearly three decades, the facility finally underwent major renovation in 1998-2000 and another in 2005-2008, the latter involved the installation of a rubberized track oval (completed in 2008) making it safer to runners. In January 2016, a proposal for the redevelopment of the sports complex came out (Read HERE). Since then, we have not received any updates as of posting.

Meanwhile, here are some latest pictures of the sports complex.

In the background is CDO Polymedic General Hospital and New Dawn Hotel Plus (U/C).


The MOGCHS Admin Building is shown at center with the new school building at right.


Appropriate parking spaces are provided at right. The school building at right was built over the site of the North Grandstand which was destroyed by fire in 2011.


The sports complex has a capacity of 20,000.


The South Grandstand is seen in the background.


The Main Grandstand which is now nearing 50 years old has withstood the tests of time.


The rubberized track oval has been removed and the original asphalt oval is now revealed. Some portions of the rubberized mat can still be seen on the field.


At left is the cauldron where the traditional flame lighting ceremonies are held.


The olympic-size swimming pool is shown below.


This is the South Grandstand.


The Main Grandstand as seen from the South Grandstand.


The eastern part of the complex where baseball, softball, archery and the likes are held. Centrio Tower is seen in the background.


The football field still hosts several events.



The facility was formerly called Marcos Sports Complex but was renamed Don Gregorio Pelaez Sports Complex in honor of the former governor of the province.


During early mornings and late afternoons, the track oval is filled by runners, joggers, and people who do all kinds of exercise.



After nearly half a century, the stadium now needs redevelopment with the growing population of the city, province and the region as a whole.


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  1. Wa Koy L says:

    Chaka! wala aligrahi sa Provincial Governor niliwat na sa iyang nawong nga bangagan!

  2. Davarkags says:

    busy ang bay-ot sigeg panglaki gipasagdan lang ni niya. gikalimtan na ang redeveloment plan ani.sayang kaayo.

  3. ambot says:

    korek ka dyan mga tekla asta gani ang provincial capitol ground sauna nindot kaayo ang landscaping apan karon naunsa gitukuran og mamaligyaay ang resulta inig labay nimo perte kabaho.nganu mana sya nga grabe man kahugawan?sauna dili man naghuot ang sakyanan sa provincial capitol ground karon naglibog ka kay naay gahoot og park sa pikas side sa unahan gitalayan og pese kay no park.sa una diha mo ga jogging kay nindot ang ambiance apan karon porya gaba perte ka baho.i hope cdo updates here ma adress ninyo ni sa hingtungdan nga hugawan nga nagdumala dha.grabe napod oy lampastasan sa kinaiyahan mana iyang gbuhat mga namaligya naa pa gyod sa park?hugawan walay sama.

  4. firesonss says:

    pwede na bayloan sa ayala og 10 has.aron spacious in return kuhaon na ayala himoon commercial center. or 50 storey bldg. 50 storey bldg .aron palahos ang mga street dinhi sa left like makhambos,montalban paingon sa corrales e was heavy traffic

  5. estoryahe ko ayaw says:

    wow! ecin!!

  6. Jecky Ilogon says:

    the new school building was commendable and showed the concern of the provincial government then under gov. oscar s. moreno on the welfare of the students. in fact it seems building schools seems to be his crusade, which is understandable he being a son of schoolteachers. in this case, however, the new school building should have been built on another area, and not on the place where the north grandstand stood. that was tampering on the design of the sports complex as a whole. the new school building looks like a photobomber. sa binisaya pa tapingig na ang sports complex. also, i think the capacity of sports complex is no longer 20,000 with the disappearance of the north grand stand. this development is a sort of “dagdag bawas”, or “win some, lose some.” why cant we have both the north grandstand and a new school building which is truly the measure of progress of both sectors affected.

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