Yes, there are times CM Recto Avenue in Cagayan de Oro City is traffic-free.

With major malls located along this short stretch, the 6-lane main thoroughfare is just one of the city’s FEW wide roads.

Photo was taken last Tuesday, October 11 at around 2:00PM.

  • laklak

    oki so?

    • esprikitik

      wala lang. pachar char lang gud hehehe

      • walastik

        unsay naka char char ana esprikitik?

  • Scorpions

    Sa manila bumper to bumper…..mas maayu in ani sa cdo

    • hate edsa and quezon ave. labi nag rush hour.parang highway to hell lang…

      • manilaboy

        love, don’t hate my prend.

    • Lamigas

      dawbe? ok raman kaha dadto?

  • Ok

    • carlitojoselito007e

      unsay naka ok bai?

  • King

    Will somebody look into Highway Route No. 9? With it’s slow moving abusive counter flowing obstructing motorelas, motorized trysikad, tricycles and pedicabs etc plying the major thorough fares. Calling HPG, LTFRB and LTO.

    • Queen

      etawag sa 911 or e text imong concern sa 8888