PROJECT WATCH: New Dawn Hotel Plus now on 14th floor

It will be just four more floors before the 18-storey New Dawn Hotel Plus tops off.

As shown, construction is now progressing on the 14th floor for the building located along Don Apolinar Velez Street in downtown Cagayan de Oro City.


The hotel is now considered the tallest building in the city proper area.


More vertical works are observed.




New Dawn Hotel Plus is an expansion project of adjacent New Dawn Pensionne.

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  1. Davarkags says:

    parang iPhone 7 Plus lang. wow na wow!

  2. DvolovesCDO says:

    Wow nice building! Hmm! 😀

  3. Crunk says:

    I hope mas nindot ang outcome kesa sa rendering. Naapsan na jd ang polymedic dihas velez. Hehe

  4. Dodong Junjun says:

    Damn, I wonder how different CDO would be in 2020 with those skyscrapers. 😉

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