VIDEO WATCH: Cagayan de Oro – Then and Now Part 1

Here’s a short video clip by Poyaks Akut showing the old Cagayan de Oro and the present and see the transformation of the laid-back provincial city into a thriving highly urbannized city.

Watch the YouTube video (by VisitCDOCity) below.

Watch Part 2 HERE.

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  1. Richard Q says:

    the greenery of our city is worth commendable

  2. BombShell says:

    shada shada!

  3. Donie says:

    Salute to Poyaks Akut and to the team who make this video clip possible!!! It takes dedication & passion to come up with this project… 🙂

  4. mark says:

    idol jd nko ni si poyaks buh hehe

  5. sid says:

    very nice… tsada nia ipakita sa mga kids (AP Department) sa mga schools…

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