Are the “Killer Clowns” in Cagayan de Oro?

Have you seen any clowns in Cagayan de Oro City lately? The Clowns – pranksters dressed as clowns scaring and frightening people was first started in South Carolina, USA (LINK) and the hysteria has since attracted many similar hoaxes and pranks around the world.

In its Facebook page (screenshot below), the group has posted “Welcome us Cagayan de Oro….” and the hashtag #KillerCrown. It’s not clear though if they really are already in the city right now.


It also cautioned “don’t be scared”…

Watch out….they might just be around the corner!!!

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  1. Enuh says:

    GL HF!

  2. jojo says:


  3. Gene Eric says:

    I did a quick Google News search of scary+clowns and indeed it is a worldwide phenomenon like the ice bucket challenge. But, doing that brings an inherent risk of getting stabbed, shot at, or clubbed by a crowd. Pa uso kay duol na ang halloween. Hay nako!

  4. Pakalu says:

    Bilisan nyo para may mabugbug na kami.

  5. Winz says:

    Be ready #killerclowns 😀😀😀 im so ready you cant even imagine the horrors running thru my head 🙂 i might be just a bit scarier than you

  6. Mikazuki Yagami says:

    Do you really think you’re all scary enough wearing those shitty make up and costumes? Think twice idiots. BTW please visit Quezon City we can’t wait to see y’all dickheads

  7. CdoBoy says:

    ready your bball bats, crowbars, 2×2’s….its clown smashing time!!!!!!
    welcome killer clowns!!!!

  8. Gene Eric says:

    clowns are like zombies, heheh

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