City now studying traffic plan for SM CDO2 Premier’s opening next year


screenshot from Project LUPAD’s aerial video

Cagayan de Oro City Promotions and Investments Officer Eileen San Juan has disclosed during a recent business forum that the city government is now studying a new traffic scheme along CM Recto Avenue and Osmeña Street in preparation for the opening of SM CDO2 Premier set sometime in May 2017.

Many motorists and commuters in the city have already foreseen the worsening traffic condition once SM’s second mall opens next year. This plan is laudable as the government can get inputs from all stakeholders at this early. The traffic plan should include but not limited to provisions or identification of loading and unloading areas for PUJs, taxi lanes, no parking areas, PUJ and motorela routes, truck routes, pedestrian crossing, even posting of traffic signs and notices, among others.

Will they also include construction of another pedestrian overpass? This was an issue when Centrio Mall opened in 2012. The overpass was finally completed a few weeks back.

Keep posted.

with info from Mark Francisco’s article at Mindanao Daily News

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  1. joel says:

    city should have a plan for CM recto. that street is becoming the center of the city. however, there’s no proper sidewalks, some parts are just muddy dirt. thats not how a main street of a city lined with upscale malls, hotels and businesses should look like.

    • kagayanon_luxury says:

      right on. if they want less vehicle in the area, they should make it at least pedestrian friendly encouraging people to walk rather than ride by having a comfortable sidewalk.

  2. manchester-united says:

    tsakto ka kagayanon luxury….government of CDeO must conduct a massive plan for the city road expansion ang cleanliness its be coz of fastest growing demand of busineses..i suggest to build 6 lane skyway…and the marcos national highway from UCCP church going to bulua it should be 8 lanes for the preparation…

  3. Gene Eric says:

    One way way of easing traffic is avoiding vehicles running in opposite directions by making roads one-way. Usually, large circumferential roads, bypass roads, and coastal highways that surround the city are made one-way in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction depending where the coast is. For CdeO, a counter-clockwise flow is advisable.

  4. tabs says:

    the coastal road should be finished if the relocations for the affected home have already been made.

  5. MangMags says:

    Payts kaau ni butangan ug sidewalk nga naay roofing from gaisanomall-ayala-sm-ketkai. Para mag baklay nalang mga tao. Enjoy pa. Basta safe lang. 🙂

    • MangMags says:

      Kung pwede sab eclose xa nga style ug naay mga baligya2 like sa ketkai to robinsons. Butangan lang ug mga exit/entrance sa mga place nga posible mu in/out ang tao. Hehe

  6. YODA says:

    Create many plans you can. But no political will the problem is.

  7. King says:

    My opinion, do not allow trysikad, motorized, sidecar and the likes to roam on major roads in the city and on highways.

  8. heinz r heck architect/city planner retired says:

    a bit late to start “to study”. there has never been ant proper study for traffic here in CDO. city only interested to make money from “wrongly parked” vehicles! also the situation of pedestrians, no proper marked crossings, traffic lights often off. RTA’s not available during rain … and in basic there is no one stopping to let pedestrians walk even at crossings …

  9. Ched says:

    Traffic plan for opening of sm cdo 2 only? How about planning the traffic sa whole city ? Worst na kau ang gusa area.. everyday nlng heavy traffic.

  10. Justin says:

    Elevated covered sidewalk or concourse connecting SM2, Lim Ket Kai and CENTRIO alongside CM Recto or just like the Makati concept is best for mall shoppers they do not need to transfer their parked cars to the other malls but just walk the elevated sidewalks to their choice of malls…just for thoughts

  11. Ambot says:

    Unsaon gasalig lang ning cdo og project sa private sector para mapa wow ta.ang dalan grabe kahugaw gayod unya grabe ka traffic.mao ra gyod ang kulang aning siyudara lack of discipline mao ng nagkalat ang basura oy ang carmen og cogon market grabe gyod kabaho.unsa may gpangbuhat sa mga hingtungdan ana naliwat sa ilang dagway nga messy?

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