Cagayan de Oro City’s metropolitan area has a population of 1,376,343 according to the figures from 2015 making it the 4th largest metropolis in the country in terms of population.

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  • concerned kagayanon

    aguy pagka pi-ot na sa ato syudad, ga traffic na pjud.. pls fix the traffic situation in your own little way by following traffic laws and regulations.. thank you!

  • Richard88

    Way lain pic admin? just asking.

  • Gene Eric

    Obvious gyud nga daghan na tao diri; daghan construction workers, employees, ilang mga anak diri nag schooling. Karon kay hapit na ang pasko, mga car dealers mag promo nasad barato nga downpayment (mahal installment), daghan mo kuha sakyanan, samot ka huot. Evidence: diri ubos Pryce bumber to bumper nasad, nasulban kajut sa pag open sa flyover sa Macanhan pero back to heavy nasad. Needed more bridges and more diversion road especially diri footfhills.

  • RFM

    What does the CDO government doing these days about the City? I see nothing. we do not even know the plans of the City government particularly on infra concerns/projects for this year, the second year and the third year. Traffic lights are still lacking but most of the installed traffic light are not functional. There is no transparency in this City government. Is there a plan to remove the shanties along the river and canals of the City? Is there a permanent solution to traffic problems aside from putting up RTA personnel which is obviously not an effective solution? Even our street and road names are confusing especially if your a new and a visitor to the City. If we want to be a global city, the City must be visitor and tourist friendly such as having standard traffic signage (like one way traffic in all intersections, one street name from end to end of the road. Streetlights are poorly installed and the nights are really dark and unsafe (this is a feedback from a tourist in CDO). and etc….. that are needed to be fixed.

  • Traffic and discipline ang isa sa problema diri.