PROJECT WATCH: SM CDO2 Premier exterior work now underway


SM has now now started its exterior work of SM CDO2 Premier in Cagayan de Oro City.

As shown below, workers have placed polystyrene on the upper right side of the building. This is a common practice today in building construction for exterior insulation.


Meanwhile, construction continues for the left side of the building with lower ceiling indicating carpark.


Photo taken beside Discovery Hotel. Note 5th level construction.


Here’s a vantage shot. Note location of cinemas on the upper left.


photo by Aljhon Carambias

Keep posted.

with photos by mm17

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  1. Gene Eric says:

    I wonder how safe is polystyrene as insulator since it burns.

    • Gene Eric says:

      If you remember, SM City Cagayan de Oro used to look blue then they covered it with polystyrene and covered it with a thin coat of concrete so that it now looks grey. At one time, I found a piece of polystyrene so I picked it up and lit it up upon reaching home to check if it’s a special material that is fireproofed. No it’s not.

  2. Crunk says:

    Wala jud gi release ang official and final rendering ani nga mall nu? The latest design seemed different.

  3. Chung Koi La says:

    nice kaayo unta pud. atimanon nila ang creek diha nga walay basura mag lutaw lutaw.

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