RANDOM SHOTS: The Kauswagan-Bayabas Junction

Ever since the opening of the new coastal highway to Opol, the Kauswagan-Bayabas Junction has become a major road crossing in Cagayan de Oro City as trucks are now diverted to this route rather than the National Highway. Many vehicles are also using this route which connects to the Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge.Moreover, the significant increase in vehicle traffic has caused the rapid deterioration of the road section which is similar to what happened to that road section near Bulua Terminal (LINK). Shown below is the road with multiple cracks on both lanes that has caused inconvenience to motorists and the riding public in general for several months now.


While the cracked road in Bulua has already been repaired, motorists are hoping concerned government agencies to immediately act on the road matter.



Just this week, a vehicle collision caused a monstrous traffic in the area. Because vehicles tend to avoid the cracked road, chances are they will be in close contact with large trucks and the recent collision was just one of many traffic incidents.


Worse, the rainy season has also flooded this area where the drainage problem needs to be solved.



Perhaps they are already planning to rehabilitate this …

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  1. dodoy says:

    Lets’s all report this to *8888
    It’s about time to report the inefficiency of the responsible department

  2. RFM says:

    The City government is doing nothing to infrastructures of CDO considering that Moreno has gotten a new mandate to be the City Mayor. We do not even know the plans of the city govt. they are sleeping on their job.

  3. Oca Moreno says:

    Sorry na guys 🙁

  4. YODA says:

    GISING HOY!!!!

  5. Pinoy says:

    Ano ba yan ….hoy! Mayor ,matagal na yan, hanggang ngayon…walang pagbabago….

  6. Boy Rod DuTertex says:

    Putang Ina. bilisan nyo yan, DPWH. (Daghang Proyecto Walay Nanhuman)..papatayin ko talaga kayu.. bwhahahahahha

  7. mark ubaub says:

    the government should have a tooth to bite and punish those corrupt contractors that results to this..look at our highways built by Marcos have lasted 30yrs but the road by our fellow country man contractors every 3 yrs..guba kay kada eection kwarta kay naay PDAF sige himu ug dalan sige pod guba dalan sige pod kakwarta..TAan awa ninyu ang LAGUINDINGAN BUS TERMINAL 42 Million..imagine.. wala pa natuig gigamit nangaguba na..very poor facility..but cost effective sa CONTRACTOR.. a product of CORRUPTION..mao ni atung nasud….

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