RANDOM SHOTS: Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin in one shot


Rarely do you see Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin in one photo…and in this case, a clear day allowed a magnificent shot of the bustling city in the foreground and the volcanic island of Camiguin silhouetted in the background.

Cagayan de Oro is a favorite jump-off point for those traveling to Camiguin whose famed Lanzones Festival is just a few weeks away (October 23-29, 2016). It’s just a short 2-hour trip from the city to Balingoan Port where a ferry will take you to the “Island Born of Fire” in less than an hour.

photo by Vincent Tom Udasco

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  1. Grahame says:

    A great photo. Taken from High Ridge?

  2. Yen says:

    Is it for real? Not edited??

    • jampong saranghae says:

      yes inday it is not edited. camiguin island is actually visible on a clear day such as the picture above. but mostly the visibility is not that good compared to the photo above because of atmospheric dust, fog, smog and the likes

  3. Gene Eric says:

    Most likely taken from the Pryce Plaza Hotel. I can see Camiguin on a clear day from the street where I live uptown and going down to the city on work days, I always turn my head to check downtown after emerging from twisty roads down the Pryce Plaza Hotel

  4. Sakuragi says:

    it was taken on the top of a tree. the guy intentionally climbed a tree for us to see a good view of the city and Camiguin island.

  5. Chung Koi La says:

    what a very nice and awesome scenery.

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